Brad, Baby Girl, and My Intense Love of Sketch Comedy! New Vid: Brad Protects Jason Derulo from "Savage Love" Fans on TikTok

Oh my gosh, I cannot begin to describe how much I am LOVING making silly sketches for TikTok and YouTube!

This is totally my thing!

SAG-AFTRA Character Actor Mary Pascoe as "Brad"

Growing up, I always wanted to be a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Making up weird characters is my favorite!

I also deeply loved making videos as a kid. We didn't have our own video camera, but my parents would rent one from the library for big events such as First Communion, and they would let me play with it for the remainder of the 2 or 3 day rental.

And let me tell you, I never put it down!

One of our favorite videos we made is called "Barbie's 50th Birthday"-- haha! Man, I would love to get my hands on that tape! :)

With all this amazing technology and the incredible organic reach of TikTok, I honestly feel like I don't even need to be on SNL anymore-- I have created my own little tiny SNL within Crabble Dabble Entertainment!

Did you ever watch "Kroll Show"? My gosh, I loved that show SO MUCH. Nick even tweeted a picture of me dressed up as Liz for Halloween! And he sent me a message once thanking me for being a fan! Yes, I'm bragging and fangirling, haha, but that's okay sometimes! :)

I remember watching that show and thinking, "Wow. Nick didn't need SNL. He just made his own sketch show! Brilliant!"

So I got some friends together and we had some production meetings to create our own show, but that didn't pan out.

Everything in its own time though... today is the day! :)

I have a ton of characters, but the ones I've been enjoying playing the most lately are Brad and his Baby Girl.

During most improv shows, I almost always play guys. Why? I do not know!

But let's be honest, I wanted to be a boy when I was a kid. I had a shirt that looks like a tuxedo that I called my "mansuit" and loved dearly. Tahaha.

So Brad is insanely fun for me! And Baby Girl has a cute little bubble voice I really enjoy doing. :)

SAG-AFTRA Character Actor Mary Pascoe as "Baby Girl"

When I visited Michigan for Gavin's birthday, my family was ALL ABOUT those characters!

They truly bolstered my confidence tenfold!

So now I can't get enough of making sketches with them!!

Here are the latest vids I just posted on YouTube (and I'm stoked that I have 3 more uploaded and ready-- just gonna wait a bit to release them like the business lady I am!):

Brad Protects Jason Derulo from "Savage Love" Fans on TikTok

Brad Gets Some TikTok Clout

Yaaaaay! I'm so happy!

Thank you so much for all your support! Can't wait to make more videos! Brad out! :)


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