Everything Old is New Again

Well, gosh. It sure has been a hot minute since I've posted!

Here's the deal... I forgot which email address I had used to set up this blog. Ha! Yes, I'm the crab with 300 email addresses. *facepalm*-- or should I say "faceclaw", in keeping with our crabby theme? *smirk*

Haha, if I were writing this with my iPhone, those would be actual emojis, but here I am typing on my laptop like the good ol' days.

Not to say these days aren't also good-- they are wonderful! I feel so incredibly grateful to have such a strong, awesome Crabble Fam, lots of TV & Movie Jobs, and all kinds of other abundant blessings.

I suppose this whole quarantine situation has a lot of us discovering that everything old is new again.

Since I haven't been able to work on set lately, I have all the time in the world to update my website. I opened up Spotify, and my old playlists took me on quite the journey!

It feels good to be back to my old ways. I know this sounds silly, but writing html and doing graphic design just felt so comfortable and familiar. And here I am blogging again! Feels right!

I won't spend a lot of time in this post getting you all caught up on things, but I sure do plan to write much more often, and those blanks will fill themselves in eventually.

Heh... that's always the kiss of death to a blog when the author promises they'll write more in the future. ;)

We shall see.


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